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The outer shell of a home (the envelope)is comprised of the shingles,siding,doors & windows,its what keepsus from the elements.In essence, they are one.They all work together.The chimney flashing on a roof is installedby the siding trades person who performs his work long after the roofer has completed his.
Until which time, the chimney leaks.A good Contractor bridges the gap.

A common misconception is that siding is water resistant, it is only a repellent.Installing “Ice water shield” around windows and doors before siding, eliminates any infiltration.Where a wall meets a roof, snow accumulation can melt due to heat loss, this causes water problems.Understanding the envelope of a home enables me to guarantee my work for 25 years.

If you are thinking about a home renovation project, please give me a call for an estimate at 613-720-2015.Quality workmanship or you don’t pay.This I promise because if there is something we cannot do to meet theindustry standard, I will hire someone who can. I accept nothing less from myself,my employees and sub trades, why should you?