Basement Renovations

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Before you finish your basement it’s a good idea to balance your heating system.I always find one or two heat ducts that are not connected, I will verify all ducts before closing the ceiling in the basement.
By measuring the airflow at the floor registers and adjustingthe dampers near the furnacewe can make your heating and cooling system operate much more efficiently.

Special care is taken to eliminate cold drafts around the perimeter of your home.Building code finally caught up to what we have learned.We used to frame our frost wallson top of the subfloor and insulate from floor to ceiling, this would allow the cold air to seep under the subfloor(cold floor),now we return the insulation and vapor barrier into the foundation wallabove the subfloor.Warm wall,warm floor.

If you are thinking about a home renovation project, please give me a call for an estimate at 613-720-2015.Quality workmanship or you don’t pay.This I promise because if there is something we cannot do to meet theindustry standard, I will hire someone who can. I accept nothing less from myself,my employees and sub trades, why should you?