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Home About

After leaving Montreal for greener pastures in Vancouver BC in 1989, I started framing homes for a local developer.In 1993 I was certified as a Journeyman Carpenter and a General Contractorqualified to build up to A 4 storey apartment block and renovate, up to a 10 storey.I found my passion in renovating homes,footings to shingles.I believed that if I catered tothe demand, I would always have work.Today, I employ one full time crew, I have no interest in running multiple jobs simultaneously,I am on the job everyday to deal with quality workmanshipand the unexpected.One cannot possibly be in 2 places at once.

If you are thinking about a home renovation project, please give me a call for an estimate at 613-720-2015.Quality workmanship or you don’t pay.This I promise because if there is something we cannot do to meet theindustry standard, I will hire someone who can. I accept nothing less from myself,my employees and sub trades, why should you?